A great tip to use after your next job interview

Your job interview went great, both the conversation and connection was great, but you want to do something more, something that will make the employer remember you.

In many cases, people think the interview is done once they leave the employer's building, however, in reality it has just started. The vast majority of employers and hiring managers will expect a thank-you note once the interview is done, and they pay close attention to who writes first and how long after the meeting they receive the message.

It’s very important that you remember to send your e-mails to the respective hiring managers, as this will likely place you higher on the hiring-ladder, and maybe you will land the job you were looking for.

It’s important that you keep the same formality in the thank-you email as you had during the interview. If the interview was more informal, go with a slightly more informal tone.

So, how to do it?

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Hi [Name of hiring manager],

I’m so glad that you called me in for an interview today, it was a pleasure to see your offices and some of the team members. I’m overly excited for the opportunity to be a part of your team at [name of the company] and bring new value to the company as a [position] together with the rest of the team.

I will be looking forward to hearing more about the future process. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any information from me.

Best regards,

[Your name]*

What a thank-you note tells the hiring manager

  • Sending a simple thank-you note to the hiring manager shows that you have an interest above the average
  • in getting the job, which means that the hiring manager will likely consider you before other applicants.
  • These simple thank-you notes might take 5 minutes of your time per job interview but will likely result in
  • you getting that amazing job you have had your eyes on.